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Book Purchases

Since 2011, the Camarillo Public Library has added approximately 27,000 physical books to their collection every year. These books cover a wide range of subjects and all reading levels. “We have excellent book, DVD, audiobook, and electronic resource collections because of [Friends’] annual contributions.” ~ Mary Goldberg, retired Youth Services Supervisor. Your one-time donation will be included in the annual donation to support this ever-growing collection utilized by more than 80,000 Library card holders.

$25.00 (one-time donation)

Children's Programs


The Camarillo Public Library hosts myriad programs benefitting children. Friends budgets $14,000 a year for children’s programs, knowing that the education, entertainment, and growth of the community’s children will positively impact the future. Friends purchases reading logs, bags, bookmarks, prizes/incentives, and sponsors the professional performances associated with the annual Summer Reading Program. On the fun side, Friends sponsors the performers and educators for the Wonderful Wacky Wednesdays. During the school year, Friends purchases craft supplies for the story times and other programs that our families expect and appreciate for their toddlers and preschoolers. Approximately 120 children attend each event. Your ongoing, monthly donation will be included in the annual donation, providing an educational and entertaining outlet for growing minds.


Teen Advisory Board & Young Adult Programs


Friends of the Camarillo Library supports the Teen Book Club, Teen Advisory Board, and the Teen Makerspace. The Teen Book Club meets monthly, and as of 2017, its members consume at least 192 books a year, which Friends provides. “The teens are a wonderful group and the chance to read and own these books means a lot to them. I can’t believe the amazing discussions that come from the books we read together.” ~Kelcey Soderstrom, Teen Librarian. Friends supports the Teen Advisory Board by purchasing food for their meetings and supplies for the programs they host for other youth, including the Teen Readers Conference. Friends supports the Teen Makerspace by purchasing the materials needed to create the craft or project that the youth then take home. Your ongoing, monthly donation will be included in the annual donation, which will help ensure youth in the community can continue to grow and explore by attending these programs for free.


Adult Programs


Friends sponsors adult and family oriented programs with approximately 150 in attendance at each program. Educational and professional resource centers help adults continue a life of learning. Entertaining professional storytellers, such as Diane Ferlatte and Michael McCarty, are also sponsored by Friends. Friends also helps the Library make their programs more robust with supplemental sponsorship. In example, Friends has supported the Chinese New Year Celebration by sponsoring the Camarillo Lion Dance Troupe for the past eight years. Your ongoing, monthly donation will be included in the annual donation, ensuring community members of all ages are engaged, educated, and entertained.


In Honor or Memorial Donation


Do you want to recognize someone who has had an impact on your life? You can celebrate a milestone, such as a birthday or anniversary, or just say ‘Thank You,’ by making a donation in someone’s name.

Have you recently lost someone? Please accept our sincere condolences, and our thanks for considering us during this difficult time.


Your donation in memory or in celebration of someone will be included in the Friends of the Camarillo Library's annual donation and will help better the lives of those in our community. Once you have clicked on the In Honor or Memorial Donation button below, you will be automatically returned to this page. We ask that you then click here to tell us whom you are honoring or memorializing. Your donation will be recognized in the next issue of the Friends’ Amigos newsletter and you will receive a personal letter of acknowledgement in the mail.

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Community Programs


Each month, Friends of the Camarillo Library hosts a community program that is free and open to the public. Musicians, singers, speakers, and other entertainers are featured in these programs. These programs are popular, and often, attendance is maxed out. Friends spends approximately $4,100 a year on providing this entertainment for no charge to the public. Your ongoing, monthly donation will be included in the annual donation, ensuring everyone has a chance to experience live entertainment.


Bookstore Supplies


The Friends of the Camarillo Library operates a used book store, Friends Bookstore, located in the courtyard of the Camarillo Public Library, which is open to the public. This volunteer-run bookstore derives its inventory of books, media, puzzles and miscellaneous items from community donations. With no staff to pay or inventory needing to be purchased, Friends Bookstore maintains an extremely low overhead, which is utilized to prepare donated inventory for purchase. Your ongoing donation of $2.50 a month can help provide cleaning supplies, inventory supplies, repair products, and other miscellaneous office supplies to assist Friends Bookstore in ensuring an inventory of gently used, affordably priced books to the public. 




We live in a global economy and technology keeps us updated, connected, entertained, and educated. Unfortunately, not everyone has the financial resources to consume this technology. The Camarillo Public Library hosts technology to be used for free by patrons in many ways. This includes the purchase of approximately 2,500 digital books, digital audiobooks and digital magazines/newspapers every year. Library card holders download approximately 11,000 songs a year from the free digital music service that is hosted by the Library. Software for education is abundant and apparent in the many different resource centers hosted by the Library. Your ongoing, monthly donation will be included in the annual donation, which is used to purchase digital media and software.


Camarillo Reads: One City One Book


Each year the Camarillo Public Library hosts the Camarillo Reads: One City, One Book to encourage a community-wide dialog around a single book. To ensure there are sufficient copies of the selected book, reduce the waiting time and increase participation, Friends sponsors the purchase of additional copies of the selected book. Your ongoing, monthly donation will be included in the annual donation, helping to take a city of strangers, and help them to become a community of friends.


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