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FOCL Annual Meeting

Sunday, October 18, 2020

2:00 pm

via Zoom

The Friends of the Camarillo Library holds its Annual Meeting each October to elect the Board of Directors Executive Committee. The Executive Committee consists of President, Vice President, Treasurer, Recording Secretary and Corresponding Secretary. The Friends’ budget for the upcoming fiscal year is also presented at the Annual Meeting. Attendance at this meeting is an entitlement of your membership. It sets goals and leadership for the upcoming fiscal year and demonstrates accountability and transparency in our efforts to provide funding to the Camarillo Library. 

This year has presented us with the challenge of holding our Annual Meeting in a non-traditional manner. Typically, the meeting is held in the Camarillo Library’s Community Room. The Community Room continues to be closed to the public due to the pandemic, so our meeting will be held via Zoom. 

Each Friends member (regardless of membership level) who would like to participate in the 2020 Annual Meeting will need to provide their complete name and email address to Felicia Gewerth at President@FriendsCamarilloLibrary.org by September 21, 2020. This will allow time to confirm you’re a member in good standing and for us to send you an email with the specific instructions for participating in the Zoom meeting. 

Proposed Slate for 2020-2021 Executive Committee

  • Susan Gary - Co-President 

  • Joline Warren - Co-President 

  • Kim Petruzzelli - Vice President 

  • Chuck Spence - Treasurer 

  • Joan Adams - Recording Secretary 

  • Maureen Kamino - Corresponding Secretary 

     For anyone who is wondering how long the Friends Bookstore will be closed: The City is being cautious about reopening any part of the Camarillo Library complex during the COVID-19 pandemic, since the courtyard tends to be a gathering place for people. This includes delaying the reopening of the Friends Bookstore and the Giant Steps Café.  We support the City's position, since not everyone is being super-cautious about wearing masks and social distancing. We are an all-volunteer organization and our Bookstore staff is made up of seniors, many of whom have underlying conditions that put them at greater risk if they contract the virus. We will reopen when the City and our Board of Directors decide it is safe to do so.  
     Our policy of not accepting book donations at this time is still in effect. With the Bookstore closed, the shelves stay full. With inventory not moving, we can't accommodate much volume of incoming donations, so we have asked that people hold onto their donations until we reopen. When we have a little free space, we will advertise a few special donation days on our website.
     We understand everyone's hope that we reopen soon; we hope so too! We miss our customers and the work we do toward raising funds for the Camarillo Library!
     Please stay safe and healthy.

A little proof that we haven't forgotten the Friends Bookstore and our wonderful Camarillo Library. 

Blind Date with a Book

Updated March 14, 2020

You won’t want to miss this fun event!
Here’s how it works: Beginning February 1, purchase a plain wrapped book from our Bookstore based on just a few clues (the books are wrapped to hide their covers). After reading the book, complete a brief survey and return it to the Blind Date box located on the Bookstore front counter by close of business 2 weeks from the date we reopen following the March 14th closure. Three randomly selected winners will be drawn from the submissions.  The first name drawn will receive a $25 Bookstore gift certificate and a one-year free FOCL membership or renewal, the next person will receive a $25 Bookstore gift certificate, and the third person will receive a $10 Bookstore gift certificate. This event is quite popular and always a lot of fun for our customers and volunteers. Stop by the Bookstore anytime during February to select a book (or two) – and enjoy an adventure in reading!

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