April Specials

The Legacy of Hiroshima, Teller/Brown 1962 1st Edition; dust jacket in Mylar; signed by Teller. Teller, a nuclear physicist who helped develop the atomic and hydrogen bomb, presents his philosophies regarding the atom bomb dropped in 1945 and wars that may occur in the future. $24

Art Fraud Detective, 2000, in association with London’s National Gallery: Can you spot the difference between the forgeries and the originals? Spot-the-difference puzzle, mystery story and art reference book -- all in one. $6

Sing a Song of Popcorn: Every Child’s Book of Poems, ages 4-9, 1st Scholastic Printing 1988: 128 poems by famous writers, including Shel Silverstein, Robert Louis Stevenson and Emily Dickenson; color illustrations by nine Caldecott medalists, including Maurice Sendak, Arnold Lobel and Leo and Diane Dillon. $5

The Music Pack, a unique three-dimensional tour through the creation of music over the centuries: What musicians do, how they do it and the masterpieces they have given us. Pop-ups, moving parts, tabs, flaps and removable pieces, plus a music CD, 2 booklets and a small set of drumsticks - 1994. $5

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Welcome Friends

The Friends welcome a new year and hope that we continue to receive the type of support we saw last year. Note that in addition to the recent changes shown below, we have added the recent Tweets from Twitter to our bookstore page.

The Friends Tours still continue to be very popular. So if you want to take one of the tours, make your reservations now. Note please include telephone number and menu choice on check or piece of paper for the tours. They will save a lot of time for the Friends tour manager.

The Friends would like to remind those of you who are visiting this site for the first time or have not visited it for a while to browse the Friends web pages and discover what the Friends organization is all about.

Amigos Electronic Version Survey

Receive the Amigos Newsletter and other special information directly in your inbox! The Friends is now offering an electronic version of the Amigos newsletter and other announcements by email. To reduce Friends' mailing costs and be environmentally responsible, members now have the option of receiving the electronic version instead of the paper version. The content of both versions, electronic and printed, will be the same. Only Members will be able to receive the Amigos in its entirety at the beginning of each month. Become a Member to take advantage of this feature. Non-members will only have the option of receiving notifications about Friends trips, events and special book sales after Members. The Friends are now offering an electronic version of the Amigos by email, in addition to your normal printed one through the mail. Please take the time to fill out the "Amigos Survey" to let us know your preferences. If you would like to become a member, go to membership page and download the membership form. Bring the form to the bookstore.

Changes to the Friends Web Site

Twitter/Facebook - The Friend have added links to to the Friends Twitter and Facebook site. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook to see a sampling of what books are new in the store and what books we currently have for sale online. High-dollar, limited audience books need as large an audience of potential buyers as possible, so we now sell them through Amazon and eBay.

AmazonSmile - Do you shop online at Amazon? Please sign up for AmazonSmile. This is a program that benefits nonprofits at no cost to the buyer. All you have to do is select Friends of the Camarillo Library as your preferred nonprofit group. Amazon will remember your selection and donate 0.5% of your purchase price to Friends every time you purchase one of the tens of millions of products marked “Eligible for AmazonSmile donation.” AmazonSmile has the exact same prices, selection and format as It’s simple to sign up and costs you nothing. For help in signing up download the AmazonSmile Instructions.

Friends Tours - The Friends have started adding links for downloading the Trip Brochures. If you go to the Tours page, you will find the trips that have brochures highlighted in Blue. Click on the tour to download the brochures.

Special Bookstore Donation Notice

Please note that the Friends would request that all bookstore donations be delivered to the bookstore between 10 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. Monday through Saturday (6:30 p.m. on Thursdays). We are closed on Sundays.

Bookstore News

Look at the current Bookstore specials on this page.

If you are new to the area you may have visited the Library and walked right by the bookstore, missing an opportunity to browse the wide selection of used books available at very reasonable prices. As you approach the front of the Library, the Friends Bookstore will be to the left of the fountain.

The Friends have added a Bookstore layout map for new and returning visitors to use. You can locate the link for the map under the Bookstore column of this page.

Use the Volunteer Application form if you are interested in volunteering at the Friends bookstore. You can locate the link for the form under the Bookstore column page. The form can be printed out and dropped off at the bookstore.

The Friends Bookstore is open to serve the public six hours a day (nine hours on Thursdays), and six days a week, except for Sundays and holidays. In order to maintain this schedule, it requires a substantial number of volunteers. Over any given month, over a hundred people donate their time to carrying out one or more of the tasks necessary to keep the Bookstore operating. If you have an interest in working in the Bookstore, please stop in and pick up an application. We are always accepting applications. If there are no immediate openings to fit your schedule, areas of interest or abilities, it will be kept on file until there is one.

One other key to the bookstore is the donations the Bookstore receives. See the Bookstore page for information on the guidelines for donations. Please note that the Friends would request that all bookstore donations be delivered to the bookstore between 10 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. Monday through Saturday (6:30 p.m. on Thursdays). We are closed on Sundays.

Don't forget to ask the Bookstore personnel about the Friends tote bags we offer that you can purchase. For only $2.50 they have multiple uses.

Friends Tours

Take a look at the tours page to see some of the planned trips and general information about the tours.

SLIDE PRESENTATION, Tuesday, May 5, at 1 p.m. in the Community Room. Discover Panama in November, Rhine River Cruise (2016), followed by tour documents for Scandinavia at 1:30 p.m.

Please use the Contact Us page of this website to submit any comments or suggestions for improving the website.

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