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Our Bookstore

Browse our approximately 1,075 square feet of store space for gently-used, quality books, magazines, audio and video material, puzzles, calendars and greeting cards!

Visit Us!

We are Open

Tuesday - Saturday

10:00am - 4:00pm

4101 Las Posas Rd Camarillo, CA 93010



Hardcover Books average $3.00.

Most Paperback Books range from 50¢ to $2.00.


No moldy or damaged items sold here!

We thoroughly clean and prepare everything for sale in our 764 square foot back room staffed with dedicated volunteers.

The majority of the financial support given by Friends of the Camarillo Library to the Camarillo Public Library comes from the sale of used books, DVDs, music CDs and audiobooks that are donated by the generous public.

Friends sell the bulk of its books in the brick-and-mortar store located on the left side of the Camarillo

Library Courtyard. 

While the majority of the books in the Bookstore, regardless of subject, are priced from $0.50 to $6.00, you will occasionally come across a special find that is worth more and priced accordingly. The higher priced, in-store books are still priced below the average internet price for books in the same condition.

BOOK specials

You will find some Highlighted Specials that come out once a month!


Be in the first-to-know crowd by becoming a Friends member!

 Just remember, some of these books are extremely popular and highly sought after, and may be gone by the time you see them on the website. To ensure you have an opportunity to purchase, consider becoming a Friend.



Are you a bargain hunter and want to pay even less than our already extremely affordable prices? Watch for flash sales!


When we find ourselves with overflowing inventory in a certain category, we will offer those books for 50% off already low prices. These sales are spontaneous and last for a limited time. Stop in often to see what might be on sale. Or, better yet, follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to be alerted to these impromptu sales.


Want a deal every day?
Try your luck with our book carts.

Inventory is added almost every day to our double-sided carts, which are located just outside the entry door in the courtyard. Books on the red cart (grownups) are reduced, often by 50%, for quick sale. We spotlight books on the blue cart (children). Some are reduced, often by 50%, for quick sale. They are usually culled after one week. Look for notices and specials on our chalkboard sign positioned near the closeout carts.


Donating Books

Small, hand-carried Donations of books and materials can be brought to the Bookstore’s front customer service counter during Bookstore hours (10 am – 4 pm Tuesday through Saturday).

When the Bookstore is closed to the public

or you have a large donation the workroom is open for donations Monday – Saturday between 10:30 and 3:30 pm. Please drive to the rear of the Bookstore (North Side of the Parking Lot between the Library & Rancho Campana High School). There is a loading ramp leading to the double doors. Ring the Donation Bell to the right. A volunteer will show you where to put your donation.


Occasionally our storage space is temporarily full and we cannot accept large donations. If you are making a special trip, please call our workroom during regular donation hours to make sure we have room for your donation today. The Workroom number is 805-388-5585.


Guidelines for
Bookstore Donations

The Friends appreciate your donations; however, we are unable to accept some material.


For the health and safety of Bookstore volunteers, and for the integrity of the Bookstore's collection, the following will not be accepted:


  • Books and magazines with yellowed or torn pages.

    Books and magazines that are water-damaged, moldy, or have an offensive odor

  • Books and magazines infested with insects

  • Non-commercially produced media (DVD, CDs)

  • Catalogs

  • Out-of-date reference books (unless old enough to be collectible)

Donations are tax deductible and we will gladly supply a donation receipt upon request! 501(c)3 Corporation

Grocery Shopping

You can also designate us as your Charity to Support when shopping at Ralph's supermarket!

Link your Ralphs Rewards Card to Friends of the Camarillo Library.


Go to and Sign into your account (or sign-up if you don't have one yet)

Select "My Account" and scroll to the bottom and  find "Community Contributions"

Search FIND AN ORGANIZATION and enter either "Friends of the Camarillo Library" or LY303. Click "Enroll" It is that simple! From now on, we will get a donation based on your qualifying Ralphs purchases.

Hardware Shop

B&B Do It Center

Hardware Store

has a rewards program.

698 Mobile Ave.
Camarillo, CA 93010


When you make a purchase you may ask the cashier to have your rewards go to FRIENDS OF THE CAMARILLO LIBRARY.


Did you know that you can donate to Camarillo's Library without reaching into your pocket?

When you register and shop through these community giving programs they will donate a percentage of most of your purchase dollars to us and it costs you nothing!

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